Artist Interviews

Check these out to learn more about some of the artists on the Music of the World label.

  • Badal Roy – Funky Tabla
    • The man who introduced tabla to jazz talks about his life.
  • An interview with Bikram Ghosh
    • Tabla virtuoso speaks about Indian Classical music and the role of solo percussionists.
  • Ephat Mujuru – Passing on the Ancestral Music
    • Master musician speaks about music in Zimbabwe.
  • Hassan Hakmoun – Spirit Healer
    • Moroccan Gnawa musician speaks of his music & culture.
  • Mike Richmond – Just the Basics
    • Jazz bass player talks about his work in world music.
  • Tarun Bhattacharya – Master of 100 Strings
    • A discussion about the santur, a hammered dulcimer from India.
  • Trichy Sankaran – Tala Master
    • South Indian mrdangam master tells of his roots.

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