List of Recordings

Music of the World, Latitudes and Nomad releases:


The Igede of Nigeria – Various Artists  Ensembles from various villages sing and play a variety of drums and percussion instruments. (MOW 117)

Yan Kuba – Yan Kuba Saho  Kora music from the Gambia (LAT 50611)

Ancient Wisdom – Ephat Mujuru  Songs and fables from Zimbabwe, by Ephat Mujuru (LAT 50616)

Ngoma: Music of Uganda – Ndere Troupe & others  A comprehensive collection of traditional music from Uganda (MOW 142)

Shona Spirit – Dumisani Maraire & Ephat Mujuru  Landmark mbira recording of two of the tradition’s greatest masters (MOW 136)

The Fire Within – Hassan Hakmoun  Moroccan Gnawa trance music (MOW 135)

Tesfaye: Music from Ethiopia – Seleshe Damessae  Ethiopian vocals and krar (strings). (MOW 107)

Tabara: Gambian Kora Music – Amadu Jobarteh  Kora and vocals from a respected Gambian kora master. (MOW 129)

Chaminuka: Music from Zimbabwe – Dumisani Maraire  A classic recording of mbira and marimba music. (MOW 208)

Africa on the Move – Various Artists  Modern African tunes, performed in contemporary style. (MOW 210)

I Remember: Juju Music from Nigeria – I.K. Dairo and His Blue Spots  Landmark recording from the father of Juju music. (MOW 212)

African Odyssey – Various Artists  African sampler from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Senegal. (MOW 119)

Watik Watik – James Makubuya  Folk music from Uganda. (MOW 119)


The Sultan’s Pleasure – The Palace Musicians of Yogyakarta  Javanese gamelan and vocal music. (MOW 116)

Shingetsu – Tadashi Tajima  A timeless recording of eight pieces for solo shukuhachi (Japanese flute). (MOW 124)

Offerings – Ralph Samuelson  Japanese shakuhachi music by an American master player. (MOW 153)

Echoes from the Palace – Sam Ang Sam Ensemble  Cambodian court music, instrumental & vocal. (MOW 140)

Mohori – Sam Ang Sam Ensemble  Khmer music from Cambodia. (LAT 50609)

Bamboo Voices: Folk Music From Laos – Khamvong Insixiengmai  Playful melodies and songs from the Laotian folk tradition. (LAT 50601)

Landscape of the Highlands – Tran Quang Hai  A beautiful solo recording of dan tranh, a Vietnamese zither. (LAT 50612)

Song of the Banyan: Folk Music of Vietnam – Phong Nguyen Ensemble  Vietnamese folk songs featuring strings, percussion & vocals. (LAT 50607)


The Edge of the Forest – Various Artists  Fascinating compilation from the folk tradition of Transylvania. (MOW 144)

Taraf: Romanian Gypsy Music – Various Artists  Festive rhythms & melodies from the gypsies of the Danube plain. (MOW 137)

Celtic Soundscape: Music From Brittany – Paul Huellou  Music from Brittany with guest piper Paddy Keenan. (LAT 50606)

Tenores de Oniferi – Tenores de Oniferi  Polyphonic singing from Sardinia. (MOW 152)

Bulgari – Bulgari  Folk music ensemble from Bulgaria. (LAT 50613)


Talking Tabla – Bickram Ghosh  Solo North Indian tabla, with sarangi and santur accompaniment. (MOW 143)

River Yamuna – Karnataka College of Percussion  Outstanding percussion with vina and voice accompaniment (MOW 145)

Yantra: flute and tabla – Steve Gorn, Badal Roy  North Indian bamboo flute and tabla. (LAT 50610)

Soft and True – Jagdeep Singh Bedi  Light ragas and folk tunes on sitar & surbahar, with flute & tabla. (MOW108)

Rag Kambhoji – The Dagar Brothers  Classical dhrupad singing from the masters of the tradition. (MOW 114)

Laya Vinyas: South Indian Drumming – Trichy Sankaran  Incredible South Indian drumming featuring mrdangam & kanjira. (MOW 120)

Festival of India – Various Artists  A Hindustani music sampler featuring masters of the tradition. (MOW 121)

Rag Madhur Ranjani – Imrat Khan  Classical North Indian sitar and tabla. (MOW 123)

Vadya Lahari: South Indian Ensemble – A. Kanyakumari  Acclaimed South Indian group featuring violin, strings and percussion. (MOW 125)

Sunada – Trichy Sankaran & K. Subramaniam  Subime recording of Souht Indian vina and mrdangam. An award winner. (MOW 127)

Raga Aberi – Shankar  Masterful South Indian violin and drums, featuring L. Shankar, Zakir Hussain & Viku Vinayakram. A Grammy nominee. (MOW 131)

Sargam – Tarun Bhattacharya  Classical Indian santur and shenai. with tabla accompaniment. (MOW 132)

Kirvani – Tarun Bhattacharya  Award-winning recording of classical Indian santur and tabla, with Bickram Ghosh. (MOW 139)

Mandolin Dreams: Indian Mandolin & Tabla – Snehasish Mozumder  North Indian ragas & folk music played on electric mandolin. (LAT 50605)

Bansuri Bamboo Flute – Steve Gorn  Indian ragas on solo flute, with tamboura and sruti accompaniment. (LAT 50604)

Lotus Signatures – Dr. N. Ramani & Trichy Sankaran  South Indian bamboo flute & percussion ensemble. (MOW 141)

India: Jewels of the Subcontinent – Various Artists  Sampler of fine Hindustani & Carnatic music. (LAT 50702)


Flutes & Strings of the Andes – Various Artists  Recordings of the folk music of the Quechua and Aymara people. (MOW 106)

Music From the Andes & Argentina – Various Artists  Authentic rhythms from the Andes and the plains of Argentina. (MOW 112)

Folkstyles of Mexico and Colombia  Traditional songs and melodies of Mexico & Colombia. (MOW 113)

Música De La Tierra  Compilation from South America, Mexico & the Caribbean (MOW 207)

Soul of the Andes – Inkhay  Strings & flutes from Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador (LAT 50615)

Peruvian Harp & Mandolin – The Blind Musicians of Cusco  Peruvian folk songs performed on harp, mandolin and flute by native street musicians. (MOW 105)

Festival of the Andes – Native Musicians  Festival music from Peru. (MOW 109)

Brazil Encanto – Tico da Costa  Modern Brazilian tunes by well known composer and performer. (MOW 211)

Spirit Rhythms: Sacred Drumming & Chants from Cuba – Orlando “Puntilla” Ríos & Nueva Generación.  Afro-Cuban Santeria music (LAT 50603)

Puerto Rico Tropical – Los Pleneros de la 21 & El Quinteto Criollo  Intoxicating bomba & plena rhythms, and passionate jibaro melodies. (LAT 50608)

The Andes: Songs of the Highlands – Various Artists  A variety of traditional Andean music, including songs from Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. (LAT 50701)


Mysteries of Turkey – Talip Ozkan  Traditional vocals and saz (lute). (MOW 115)

Bayram: Turkish Folk Songs – Bayram Bilge Toker  Strings and voice; award winner. (MOW 122)

Music of Turkey – Necdet Yasar Ensemble  Traditional Turkish ensemble, with classical makam & Sufi melodies. (MOW 128)

Kord Bayat – Jalal Zolfonun  Traditional Persian strings and vocals. (MOW 134)

Memories of Herat: Instrumental Music of Afghanistan – Aziz Herawi  Folk music played on strings & percussion (LAT 50602)

Mystic Journey: – Jalal & Soheil Zolfonun  An outstanding recording of traditional & folk music of Iran, Played on setar & percussion. (MOW 155)


Talking Spirits – Hopi, Zuni and Pueblo Various Artists  Southwest Indian songs and drumming. An award winner. (MOW 126)

Dancing Buffalo: Songs from the Plains – Cornel Pewewardy  Plains Indian flute and chants. An award winner. (MOW 130)

Songs of My People – The Garcia Brothers  Southwest Pueblo Indian songs. (MOW 133)

Vintage BeauSoleil – Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil  Classic Cajun sounds from world-famous group BeauSoleil. An award winner. (MOW 213)

Cajun & Creole Masters – Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Canray Fontenot, Bois Sec Ardoin., with special guest Michael Doucet. Sixteen tunes by the elder masters of the tradition. (MOW 138)

Tribal Gatherings – Various Artists  Traditional music from the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni & others. (MOW 154)


One in the Pocket – Badal Roy  Outstanding world-jazz recording headlined by Badal Roy, with guest artists. (NMD 50315)

Ramana – Glen Velez  Masterful frame drums and percussion by the godfather of modern frame drumming. (NMD 50307)

Handance – Glen Velez  A seminal recording of frame drum music featuring Glen Velez and Layne Redmond. (NMD 50301)

Asian Journal – Nana Vasconcelos, Steve Gorn, Mike Richmond, Badal Roy, others   African and Indian-inspired jazz. A world music classic, digitally remastered. (NMD 50303)

Piano Crossroads – Larry Karush  World & jazz-inspired piano stylings, with guest artists Glen Velez and Howard Levy. (NMD 50305)

Basic Tendencies – Mike Richmond  World-influenced jazz in a framework of acoustic bass. (NMD 50306)

Ettna – Enzo Rao, Gianni Gebbia & Glen Velez  Sicilian and Middle East folk-jazz. (NMD 50309)

Folk Scat – Folk Scat  Amazing Bulgarian a capella group who sing in an unmistakable jazz style. (NMD 50310)

Riff-Ola – Swedish Sax Septet  Intriguing Scandinavian folk melodies and bold rhythms, with jazz and contemporary influences. (NMD 50311)

Special Editions & Box Sets

Global Voices – Various Artists  The 3-CD “Vox” set showcases vocal talent from around the world in three long-play volumes.  The individual compact discs in this set are also available separately, as 3 individual CDs: Sacred, Traditional & Contemporary. (MOW 149)

Invocations: Sacred music from world traditions – Various Artists  Compilation of sacred & spiritual music. An award winner. (MOW 151)

The Language of Rhythm – Bickram Ghosh, Trichy Sankaran, others  Box set of drumming from North & South India, featuring two CDs and a 35 page booklet. (MOW 150)

Nomad Christmas: A World Music Celebration – Various Artists  An award-winning recording of world-jazz-influenced Christmas tunes. (NMD 50314)

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